Welcome and I’m so glad you are here!  This is a place for support and understanding to enhance your well-being however you see fit. Learn to live in alignment with your personal values and make choices that matter to you.  Remember, you are the expert of your body.

Nutrition Therapy

During our virtual sessions we will develop an individualized plan to optimize your health and wellness.  Using a weight-neutral approach you will develop skills to navigate the challenges around relationships with food and your body. 

Body Image Coaching

Your self worth is not a reflection of your body size or shape. We will work together to develop knowledge and skills so you can spend less time preoccupied with body thoughts and spend more time living a fulfilled life.

Virtual Q&A

Have questions or want to learn more?  Whether it be about Intuitive Eating, body image, or how we can work together, schedule a 15 or 30 minute session done virtually or via phone.

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